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All of ANR Developments Ltd's contracts are carried out by fully certificated professional workmen working under the umbrella of ANR Developments Ltd.

All works are completed at

"Turks Boat Yard"

The Historic Dock Yard


Kent ME4

before leaving for their destination.

ANR Developments Ltd's employment register includes: Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Contract and Project Managers, Site Foreman, Electricians, Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Carpenters, Tilers, Dry Liners, Tape n Joiners, Painters and Decorators

ANR Developments Ltd is a family run company which prides itself on going the extra mile for the customer that's YOU.............


We built, floating cinema. This was a great opportunity for ANR Developments to be involved with, as to date we had been heavily involved in the building of house boats and floating homes.

The cinema had a sheet steel hull constructed with a laser cut structural inner frame sized to suit the spacing for the use of concrete slab ballast.

The design for a steel hull was mainly due to the location where the Cinema would be used.

The Cinema would be able to manoeuvre on a variety of narrow and shallow canals and under low bridges up and down the River Thames in London.

The main design and architectural work was from Duggan & Morris and UP projects.

The Cinema is a self propelled vessel which has one large viewing screen area and a skippers hut which provides a public toilet.

Although this contract was different from our normal build, it proved to be a very rewarding project, and we have been told by UP Projects that it became a very successful venture from a public viewpoint throughout its many months of use.

ANR Developments Ltd have been involved in ,the construction of newly bespoke designed concrete hull floating homes, to suit the needs of each individual client.

The main benefits of an ANR Developments Ltd built concrete hull floating home is:

  • On the completed sale of the floating home it is zero rate VAT.
  • The newly designed concrete hull has the durability of staying in the water for over 100 years.
  • Your floor space area would give you two levels of warm living approximate 230sqm, also including a garden roof terrace with fully functional entertaining area.