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ANR Developments have been involved in the construction of newly bespoke designed, concrete hull floating homes, suiting  the needs and wishes of each individual client.
The main benefits of an ANR Developments Ltd built concrete hull floating home are:

  • On the completed sale of the floating home, there is zero rate VAT.
  • The newly designed concrete hull, has the durability, of staying in the water for over 100 years.
  • Your floor space area would give you, two levels of warm living approximate 230sqm, and a garden roof terrace with fully functional entertaining area if required.

Newest Construction:

A Floating Cinema

Not only have we been known to construct House Boats, and floating homes, we have even gone on to build a fully functional furnished Floating Cinema.

The Cinema was constructed at "Turks Boat Yard" The Historic Dock Yard in Chatham in Kent. It was  fitted out by ANR Developments Ltd and has spent a very successful period, touring up and down the canals of The Thames. This allowed  hundreds of people to view 'event-showings' of various movie previews and themes.

It was a great opportunity for ANR and a big thanks to UP Projects for allowing ANR to be involved.


Let's Build a...

Dream House Boat

Help ANR Developments to design and build your dream home on the water.

Just sit down, list or sketch all the things you would like your dream house boat to have, and then send it to us, then we will quickly contact you to set up a free on-site meeting to discuss your ideas.

the next stage would be for us to produce an outline set of drawings, then for us to sit down with you and set a contract around.

It's that easy..........